Hi, I’m Rachel and I love books.

In fact, as a books contributor here, a librarian, and someone who works for book festivals, you might say books are my life. Which is why it surprises some people when I tell them that I only read 1/20 of the books I was assigned in high school from start to finish (unless you are one of my four high school English teachers in which case, I clearly read everything I was supposed to). 

It’s not that I wasn’t a reader, I definitely was (I know for a fact City of Bones was circulating through my friend group). Most of the books assigned were from the 19th century or first half of the 20th centuries, with just a single book published in my lifetime (and that was just barely, I’m less than three months older than it). 12 were written by white men, 2/3 of whom died before I existed, and 17 of 20 were written by white authors. Not a single book was written by a Black or Indigenous author. 

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