Hello Friends and welcome to the Gamers Attic Show.
This is the new Video for my Video Games Monthly box for June 2022.
After 6 boxes of the service, I decided to cancel my subscription.
There are a lot of good things about Video Games Monthly that I did like but then there were things that happened that did not work out for me as the customer. I go into an explanation as to why that is in the video. I’m now looking to replace with a new subscription so please let me know in the comments what you think should be next for me. I like to Recommend some Great Channels that do the Video games Monthly videos. They are –

This is a great Channel about Retro Video Games and Craft Beer, What a Great Combo!!! Also, Josh finds really Great Stuff out in the wild with his gaming Pickup!!

James is the Ultimate Retro Gamer! His Channel is quick and to the point and his Humor is great too! I always get left just wanting to watch more from this Channel!

Let me know how you guys feel about it.
Again thank you for giving your time and stopping by.

Check Out Video Games Monthly Site At.


Vincent S Tobia’s Book – The Dead Divide Us


Highly Recommended Friends Channels and Social Medias

Do you Love Retro Games? If so come check out Best Selling Author Vincent Tobia’s YouTube Channel for Retro Game Fanatics. Let’s Subscribe and Get Vintendo to 600 Subs !!!

If you love Ghostbusters, you will love my Buddies Ghostbusters Page !! Christian Cos-Plays quite frequently at Comic-Cons and is the real deal!
He also Loves Arcades and even built his own Cabinet!! Go to his Page and leave a comment and tell him Player1 Sent you !!!


Do you Love Coleco? Did you know that there are still Games being made for this classic Relic !! Come Check out my Good Friend Williams Youtube Channel 8 Bit Milli for all your educational and Retro 8bit needs !!!
Personal website: http://8bitmilli.com/

Do you like Table Top RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons ?
Check out my good friend’s Ronwise Gamgee Channel Quick and Dirty Roleplaying System. Here you will find an easier way to enjoy your tabletop Gaming Experience and much more!!!

Directed and Produced By – Javier Ubieta and Christian Tejada

Camera – Panasonic AF-100
Audio – Rode Boom Mic

#videogamesmonthly #nintendo #unboxing


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