Hart became an influential figure in gun violence prevention activism after her daughter, Kimberly Vaughan, and nine others were killed in the 2018 shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

“Survivor of the OG Texas school shooting, May 2018,” part of her Twitter bio reads, a nod to last month’s shooting that killed 21 in Uvalde, Texas. She’s built a following of more than 25,000 on the platform, where she regularly calls out politicians by their @, shares links to upcoming rallies, and hosts livestreams to discuss her activism and explain what life is like for survivors. Even her username, @kimsmom3, is a tribute to her daughter.

And Hart thinks getting verified on Twitter would force politicians to take her more seriously.

She’s had trouble with that. Recently, her congressman, Republican Randy Weber, told her that he voted no on the Kimberly Vaughan Firearm Safe Storage Act — a bill named after her daughter that centers around gun storage education — without even reading it.

“It’s absolutely maddening,” Hart told BuzzFeed News during a call shortly after Congress passed the bill, part of a series of gun control measures that are not expected to pass the Senate. Weber did not respond to a request for comment.

A blue checkmark would also mean validation for Hart.

“They’ve verified other parents from other shootings — Sandy Hook, Parkland, etc,” she said. Santa Fe is a small, conservative town about 40 miles outside of Houston, and Hart has become the most prominent, community voices calling for gun reform — one of the only ones, in fact.

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