Your experience might be anything from your best friend getting with your boyfriend to your work friend taking credit for your projects.

When we talk about breakups, betrayals, and toxic relationships, usually we’re referring to romantic relationships. But friendships can be just as fraught and drama-filled.

If you’ve ever realized you had a really toxic friend, we want to hear your story. Did they betray you in some horrible way, like go behind your back and catfish you, or mess with your business/work out of jealousy?

Was it really just a compilation of selfish behaviors and conversations that led you to having to essentially “break up” with them?

Or maybe they were the one who “broke up” with you or were constantly expecting you to change, leaving you heartbroken and confused. Maybe they even ghosted you.

If you’ve ever been in a toxic friendship, we want to hear how you realized it was toxic, and how it ended. Tell us your story in the comments below or via an anonymous form and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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