Back in 2011, the global shmup community was awash with murmurings about a new creation within Japan’s ‘doujin’ hobbyist game development scene. Its name was Crimzon Clover, and after a complete build first appeared at a Japanese fan convention in the closing days of 2010, a swirl of rumours suggested that it was very special indeed. 

Fortunately, it turned out that the speculation was spot on. Crimzon Clover takes the form of a typically frenetic bullet hell shmup – or shoot-’em-up, to use the more traditional term – and it does it very well indeed. Like many of the best shmups, it blends a hyperactive, overwhelming pace with tremendous scoring depth, and is challenging, rewarding and wildly exciting in equal measure. If you’re imagining sweeping, terrifyingly dense bullet patterns realised in neon colours that intersect as a player ship weaves through unfeasibly small gaps while gunning down a barrage of enemies, you have exactly the right type of game in mind.

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