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Microsoft is recalling and replacing its AC power cords for the original Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and some Surface Pro 3 devices. The recall applies to AC power cords — not the power supply units — for devices that were sold before March 15, 2015.

Microsoft is recalling and replacing the removable cord that connects the power supply to an electrical outlet. The stated reason: “Damage might occur over time if AC power cords are, for example, sharply and repeatedly bent or tightly wrapped.” Other types of possible damage includes cracking, fraying or bulging. Because damaged cords can overheat, there is a potential fire or shock hazard, according to a Microsoft support article. (Thanks to, which is where I first saw the pointer to the support article.)

Microsoft is advising people to contact the company directly and not the store where they may have bought their Surface devices.

“The free replacement AC cords we are providing are designed to current industry standards and use industry standard materials. They also contain strain-relief improvements in the AC cord’s attachment to the plug ends that should further reduce the likelihood of damage when the cords are repeatedly wrapped too tightly, twisted, or pulled,” the support article says.

For the fastest option for getting a replacement cord, Microsoft is telling users to go to AC Power Cord, sign in with their Microsoft accounts and follow the steps to complete the process. Surface for Business customers who placed bulk orders should contact Microsoft directly.

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