There wasn’t a lot representation back in the day, but I’m THRIVING now!


When Rue was incredibly brave and kissed Jules on Euphoria:


Watching someone be so brave as to showcase their feelings towards someone of the same gender (even if she did get rejected) would’ve helped me feel more comfortable when it came to dating as a teenager.


When Bette and Tina saw their baby for the first time during an ultrasound on The L Word:


Honestly, I had no idea LGBTQ+ couples could have children outside of adopting. Seeing two women have a child together in a more traditional way would’ve blown my mind and really showcase how queer couples can have children the same way straight people can.


When Elena made a speech about how much her father will be missing out on after he didn’t accept her coming out on One Day at a Time:


Listen, I’m so sorry to bring down the mood so early in the post, but, as someone who doesn’t have a relationship with their parents solely because of my identity, this speech would’ve helped my younger self be more prepared when it comes to dealing with bigotry from the people who are supposed to love you the most.


When Patrick found the courage to come out to his parents on Schitt’s Creek:

Pop TV

This was such a sweet way for Patrick to come out. He was so proud of his relationship even when he was absolutely terrified about how his parents would react. But, that still didn’t stop him from living his truth. I only wish my baby gay self could’ve seen such a tremendously brave act. 


When it was revealed that Garnet was a fusion of two female gems named Ruby and Sapphire on Steven Universe:

Cartoon Network

I lovedddddd watching cartoons when I was younger. And, honestly, I still do, lol. But, there was absolutely no queer representation in any of the animated shows I watched. Until Steven Universe, I had never seen a kids’ show show a queer relationship unapologetically. Ruby and Sapphire were so in love and cared so deeply for one another. I just know my younger self would’ve shipped them as much as I do now.


When Nicole flirted with Waverly for the first time on Wynonna Earp:


This scene holds such a special place in my heart as an adult. Growing up, I was told LGBTQ+ people, and lesbians specifically, were predators who were always on the hunt to turn straight people. But, this scene perfectly captures real-life queer flirting. It’s sweet, harmless, and a bit cheeky. I wish I could’ve seen more scenes like this while growing up.


When Callie’s father came back to share the dad/daughter dance at her wedding to Arizona on Grey’s Anatomy:


Heyyyyy, we’re back with the ~parental trauma.~ Fun fact: my parents didn’t attend my wedding to my now wife, so you can imagine how hard I cry to this scene to this day. This is definitely something I wish I could show my younger self to prove that not all parents stay in their bigoted mindset. Some are willing to grow because of the love they have for their children.


When Santana proposed to Brittany in front of all their friends on Glee:


I was a junior in college when gay marriage was legalized in US, so I honestly never thought I could get married. Seeing this scene as a pre-teen, even when gay marriage was illegal, still would’ve given me hope that I could find someone who would want to spend the rest of their life with me, regardless of what the law says.


When Casey was bold and kissed Izzy after the latter revealed she had feelings for her on Atypical:


Much like Rue kissing Jules, it’s so important for queer teens to see themselves in the characters they watch on TV. This moment between Izzie and Casey has been done a million times with straight teens. This is why it’s so important to have more media where queer kids are just living their lives and having the experiences everyone else gets to have.


When Emily asked Naomi to take a chance on their relationship on Skins:


This scene cuts me DEEP. As a queer teen with no one to turn to about my feelings, I completely understand what Naomi was going through here. All I wanted as a teenager was to find a girl who wanted me the way I wanted her. I know seeing this moment would’ve given me the knowledge that there are people out there going through the same things I was.


When TJ and Cyrus held hands on Andi Mack:




When Rosa came out to her super conservative parents and gave them a piece of her mind when it came to their backwards views of sexuality on Brooklyn Nine-Nine:


I wish I could go back in time and show my younger self this powerful scene. Seeing Rosa being brave enough to stand up to her parents’ shitty opinions about her identity could’ve helped me handle my coming out to my parents in a better way.


When Mitchell’s father walked him down the aisle during his wedding to Cam on Modern Family:


Okay, okay, I promise this is the last nugget of parental trauma on this list. But, in my defense, this is the number one moment between a queer child and their parent that I wish I could show my younger self. Jay set aside all of his bigoted and ignorant ideas to celebrate his only son marrying the man who loves him the most. That’s what a good parent does.


When Dreamer came out as a transgender superhero on Supergirl:

The CW

Growing up, and still to this day, I still struggle with my gender identity. I didn’t even know what being transgender was until I was in college. Seeing someone be so open and proud about their identity would’ve helped feel way less alone while coming to terms with who I was. Plus, I’m a huge superhero nerd, so a queer superhero would’ve been my DREAM!


When Robin came out to Steve and he was beyond chill about it on Stranger Things:


When I started coming out to my friends in high school, I was terrified that they’d stop being my friend or treat me differently because I happened to be queer. This sweet moment between Steve and Robin is the perfect example of how a good friend will react to your coming out. Being queer doesn’t change who you are, it enhances it.


When Mickey kissed Ian in a gay club on Shameless:


I remember going to the NYC Pride Parade while in college and finally feeling like I could be myself in a totally safe environment. I never felt like that while growing up; I always felt like I had to hide myself away in fear of being bullied or harassed or worse. So, seeing Mickey experience the same relief I felt while in that parade warmed my heart. If only I could’ve seen this beautiful moment when I was younger.


When the Crain siblings found out Theo was a lesbian in casual yet hilarious ways on The Haunting of Hill House:


Much like what I said about Steve being a good friend when Robin came out to him, The Haunting of Hill House showcases how a good family reacts to one of their own coming out. Sure, the Crain siblings didn’t find out about Theo in the most conventional of ways (I mean, she was hooking up with a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding), but their reactions were the most important part. They were shocked, of course, but also sweet and understanding. I wish my younger self could’ve seen what a healthy family looks like when it comes to coming out.


When Maya set up an elaborate and beautiful display to tell Emily she loved her on Pretty Little Liars:


Please see #11, thank you!


When Alex and Charlie were crowned prom kings on 13 Reasons Why:


I was beyond nervous to ask another girl out to my senior prom and a little part of me always regrets not being brave enough to at least ask. I know seeing two guys being crowned prom king while their classmates cheered them on would’ve helped me see that sometimes it’s worth taking a risk, even if it’s scary.


When Toni told a heartbroken Cheryl that there was nothing wrong with who she was on Riverdale:

The CW

I also had to deal with a mother who didn’t understand/accept my identity but, unfortunately, I didn’t have someone like Toni in my life to reassure me that she was wrong. Yes, my friends were loving and supportive, but they were also very scared of my mother. I wish I could take this scene and send it back to teenage Kayla who lied awake in bed every night wondering if there was something wrong with her.


When Eric proudly declared that he would rather be himself than hide away after his father expressed concerns about him going out into the world as a gay man on Sex Education:


Being your authentic self is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. I hid so many parts of myself away while growing up, even when I decided to come out to my friends. This one scene would’ve given me the strength to stand by who I was no matter what anyone said.


When Aki stood up for his identity as a bisexual man when his best friend tried to minimize it on Gossip Girl:


Like I mentioned above, I wasn’t strong enough to stand by my identity as a teenager. And, while the new Gossip Girl has many, many issues, I give them a lot of credit when it comes to letting Aki stand up for who he is, especially against his childhood friend.


When Jamie helped Dani calm down from a panic attack on The Haunting of Hill House:


I suffered through a lot of panic attacks when I was growing up, largely due to the repression of my sexuality. My family either didn’t understand or care when I went through those attacks, so I suffered in silence and alone. Jamie using dark humor to calm Dani down in this one sweet moment means the world to me and I know it would’ve been groundbreaking to see as a nervous and anxiety ridden pre-teen.


And finally, when Holt and Kevin reconciled after breaking up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine:


I saved this scene for last because, out of everything I’ve shown you, this is the moment I wish I could show my younger self the most. When it comes to queer people in media, we’re usually the butt of the joke or the sassy best friend, or not realistic characters. And forget about seeing any queer couple representation. It’s so rare to see queer couples just living their lives and going through the same ups and downs that any straight couple goes through. Seeing Holt and Kevin break up due to completely understandable differences only to find one another again through their undying love for each other makes me cry every time. Queer people aren’t perfect; we have issues just like everyone. And to have those issues written into the media we consume in such a respectful manner will always be incredible to see.

Do you have any LGBTQ+ TV scenes you wish you could show to your younger self? Let me know which ones and why down in the comments!

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