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  • Google has released the notes for the April 2022 System Updates. 
  • The update includes more improvements to the Google Play Store and a host of bug fixes. 
  • April 2022 updates will begin rolling out on April 1 for all Android phones via a Google Play update. 

As March is winding down and April is fast approaching, Google is readying its next round of monthly updates for Android devices. Unlike a regular update that is downloaded separately through system updates, the upcoming April 2022 Google System Updates will be taken care of through an automatic update to Google Play — making it available to all Android phones.

The impending April 2022 Google System Updates is rolling out some helpful revisions to the Google Play Store. Like in March, Google continues to improve the Play-as-you-download feature that allows users to start playing a game while the rest of the app finishes downloading. The new update also brings additional optimizations to the Play Store experience to help in finding the best Android apps possible.  

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