Fable 4 – or just Fable, we still don’t technically have a 4 – is real. It’s happening. At some point in the forseeable future, we’ll be chicken chasing our way across regional english accents once more, even if we haven’t seen anything more of the fantasy revival since its announcement at the Xbox Games Showcase all the way back in 2020.

Series creator Lionhead Studios might be long gone, but the Fable name will live on with Playground Games, the studio responsible for Forza Horizon. So let’s scoop up all those rumors and sift through them to figure out what we actually know and what we think we know about the next game in the not-so-happily-ever-after fantasy series.

Here’s the Fable 4 reveal trailer

(Image credit: Microsoft, Playground Games)

First thing’s first, check out the reveal trailer that Playground Games debuted at the Xbox Games showcase in July 2020. It’s light on detail—more than likely this is just a fun cinematic that doesn’t indicate much about the final game. It does have that familiar vibe of Tolkien-like fantasy being trod on by the messy reality of medieval life though. Fable remains silly.

When is the Fable 4 release date?

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