Hunter mains, you might want to look away. Some of your favourite exotics are getting taken down to nerf town. (Image credit: Bungie)

Bungie’s weekly blog post about what’s going on at the studio is essential reading for Destiny 2 players, so much so that numerous YouTube creators record themselves just reading the thing out. Tonight, they’re in for a long shift, because the latest edition is a whopper. This week’s instalment breaks down a slew of changes to the way airborne combat works, details substantial tweaks to incoming weapon flinch, and nerfs/buffs a bunch of weapon archetypes and specific exotics. It runs to almost 9,000 words and, in the parlance of the young people, is very much a juicer.

For very obvious reasons I won’t list all the changes—most of which are due to go live next season—but here are six highlights that stood out to me:

1. Airborne combat is getting a total rework 

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