Delhi Academy of Medical Science (DAMS) has launched simulation-based medical education DAMS-SIM, at Delhi centre. The academy aims to provide simulation based learning emphasising on a structured, learner-centred environment in which novice, intermediate, and advanced practitioners can learn or practice skills without causing harm to patients, DAMS said.

“DAMS is on a mission, to make sure each medical student gets to learn from the best irrespective of place or college. We are now starting a new mission DAMS-SIM, simulation-based skill training for medical students, starting in the Delhi centre this week,” Sumer Sethi, founder of DAMS said.

According to the academy, simulation is an important methodology in bridging the gap between theory and practice in medical education. Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences has claimed to believe in making up gradation in medical education. DAMS have also launched an e-medicoz app to bridge the gap amongst medical students.

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