Are Shoot Em’ Ups Worth Full Price? What Makes Video Games Valuable? Videocast Discussion w/ Aktane! With massively popular games coming out right now like Elden Ring (and other Dark Souls like games) the question of how much a video game is worth, especially for older genres like Shoot Em’ Ups or other arcade games, is coming up more and more. In a mainstream audience’s eyes, its hard to deny that a genre like shmup is often considered less valuable then a massive sprawling RPG like Elden Ring of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. So today, among many other topics, Aktane and I discuss what type of content could be added to modern shmup releases to increase their value and what is particularly appealing to newer players!
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00:00:00 Introduction and ZeroRanger as a 1st shmup
00:20:11 The Need for Modern Continue Systems, No Credit Feeding Allowed
00:38:00 Is a Shmup Worth Full Price of $60?
00:56:30 Shmups Vs Roguelikes, which has more value?
01:10:30 Games Prices in General are Dropping, Can Shmups Compete?
01:30:31 What Can Motivate Players to Keep Playing Beyond Just the first 1cc?
01:46:00 Gameplay Advice For New Players – Stand Your Ground!
02:00:30 What Makes A GOOD Novice Mode (Don’t Call Players Babies)
02:09:20 How To Add Content and Not Go Full EUROSHMUP
02:39:00 Aktane’s Thoughts on Mini Consoles and Blind Kumites

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