This chaptered live stream captures my price action driven day trades on Boeing Stock, every day the market is open from 6.30am PT for 45 mins or less, trading VWAP, EMA 9/20/200, trends, patterns, support/ resistance + supply/ demand levels, for entertainment purposes only.

0:00 Welcome and BG music intro
0:15 Charts review

Hi! Thanks for checking out the video and reading this description! While I’ve got your eyeballs, here’s a bit about the channel and what I’m looking to learn from other day trading YouTubers.

This YouTube channel serves the purpose of an interactive (with your help!) day trading video log aka journal of my journey. It captures the trades, observations and decisions made daily Monday to Friday between 6.30 – 7.30am Pacific Time, for the purpose of documenting the resulting learning and consequential improvements in performance week over week.

So, I need your help in the form of constructive criticism, suggestions, comments or feedback entered in the comments section re: the stream or my trading. All commentary will be reviewed and assessed in the weekly recaps to be uploaded on Saturday mornings PT.

I am a former #WarriorPro student. I learned most of how I trade through the program primarily because of the bespoke Warrior Simulator and #ProfitTrifectaScore. I am not sponsored by the program. I’m just a data-driven guy and wish other brokers would incorporate a similar performance monitoring and assessment solution. Really helps me #gamify the #DayTradingGame.

Please do not try to copy my trades or use my levels for your own trading. It is more likely than not, that any levels or drawings I create are incorrect and the weekly and monthly reviews will focus on changes to the plan dependent on price action.

I am not a financial advisor or a professional day trader and any stock buy and sell ideas evaluated and/ or executed in the videos should not be copied. Trading is highly risky and very trader is individually responsible for their own buy and sells.

Thanks in advance for checking out my Digital Day Trading Journal, World of YouTube Day Traders!

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Trading Software: TD Ameritrade and
Streaming/ Design software: OBS, Canva

Charts: $BA 1/ 5/ 15min | $SPY 1/ 5/ daily
9 EMA: Grey dotted
20 EMEA: Blue dotted
200 EMA: Red dotted
VWAP: White solid
Weekly Volume Profile on 15min chart


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