Adding Petra to the list of iconic onscreen Sapphics.

Petra Solano (played by Yael Groblas), the ex-wife and the mother of Rafael Solano’s children, without a doubt, has the best character development in The CW drama Jane the Virgin.

From the cheating, annoying villain to one of the most loved Sapphic characters in TV history, Petra’s story has not been without its ups and downs.

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Warning: Scroll cautiously, major spoilers ahead!

Let’s take a look back at her most memorable moments:


When she gave birth to twins without painkillers.

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After the whole artificial insemination debacle which we don’t condone, Petra’s water breaks at a book signing event. At the hospital, she realizes that she cannot have painkillers because of her low platelet count. Anyway, Petra — being the queen she is — pushes through with Jane as her birthing partner.


When Petra stood up for herself in front of Rafael.

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“I’m guessing Jane rejected you, in some way, so now you’re here. I’m not a second class citizen, Raf, but I’m not a second choice either.”


When Petra bought a house for Jane and Michael.

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After Jane and Michael get married and are looking for a place to move in, they realize they don’t have enough funds to rent the place they want. Petra secretly buys the property and rents it to them at a lower rate. 


When she dressed up as the tooth fairy.

The CW

Petra does not believe in raising her children with magical folktales and myths, unlike Jane. Naturally, Jane is furious when her twins tell Mateo that the tooth fairy and Santa Claus aren’t real. To make it up to Jane, she dresses up as the tooth fairy and appears in front of Mateo. 


When Petra gave Jane some perspective.

The CW

With the whole “Michael coming back as Jason with amnesia,” Jane who usually has everything planned becomes extremely confused. This is when Petra steps in (which is very unlike her to care about anyone else) and asks Jane to let Jason go, because he has a whole other life in Montana. A moment of great personal development for Mrs. Solano.


When Petra made her sister get a “Not Petra” tattoo.

The CW

While Petra is in a coma, Petra’s long-lost twin sister Anezka, who she recently reconnected with, assumes her position. Anezka goes around acting like Petra, which, needless to say, creates a lot of problems for Petra. When she finally succeeds in getting people to realize the truth, she makes Anezka get a “Not Petra” tattoo.


When she completely missed the Frozen bandwagon.

The CW

After giving birth to her twin girls, Petra says to Jane that she has decided to name the kids Elsa and Anna. It is only after Jane mentioning that those are the names of the sisters in Frozen does she realize that such a movie was even released. Later she names them Anna and Ellie.


When Petra rocked formals and casuals alike throughout the show.

The CW

Petra’s outfits are just *chef’s kiss*. She is a business woman based in Miami, and boi, did she revolutionize formal wear adapted to warm climate.


When Petra tried to impress JR’s friends.

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As a newly-out Sapphic, Petra finds it difficult to gel with her girlfriend Jane Ramos’ queer friends. They think she is uncool and a buzzkill. But like all other bumps in life, Petra slides through this, too, one awkward dance at a time.


When she fought to be the maid of honor but finally got to be Rafael’s best man.

The CW

When Jane and Rafael got engaged, Petra confesses to Jane that she has never been the maid of honor. She even agrees to wear the mint green maid of honor dress, which she calls a “monstrosity.” In the end, when Rafael says that he would like to have Petra by his side while he walks down the aisle, she agrees to be his best man, even though this might have been her only chance at being the maid of honor.


When Petra confesses her feelings about being left out to Jane.

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Growing up with a selfish, overbearing mother, Petra has always tried to keep the femme fatale aura. She has trouble opening up about her feelings. She believes that being vulnerable makes her weak. But once, when Jane and Petra fought, their children made them get into the reconciling tent. While talking things out, she confesses that she feels left out of Jane’s life. Eventually, they make up and end up calling each other ‘sisters.’ This moment was one of great personal growth for Petra.


When she realized she is into women, too.

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Petra realizes she is into women, too, when she has a dream about her criminal lawyer, Jane Ramos, kissing her. After the dream, she realizes that she has feelings for JR and goes to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Petra is unapologetic and proud of herself, and we love a confident, wlw couple.


When Petra tells Jane she loves her.

The CW

Petra and Jane’s relationship has been the one with the most development in the show. They go from being enemies to frenemies to calling each other sisters. As mentioned before, Petra has trouble sharing her feelings, and when Jane says, “I love you” to her and makes her say it back, we see the great personal growth she has gone through. With a little push from Jane, Petra says it, complete with an adorable peck on the forehead.


When she said that she is bisexual to Milos.

The CW

Milos, Petra’s Czech ex-husband has been a threat to her from the start. When he realizes that Petra is dating JR, he assumes that the reason she is not getting back together with him is because she is a lesbian. Petra later clears his confusion by saying that she is indeed a bisexual person, and that the reason she is not with him is because of him.

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